Tilt & Turn Windows Bedford

Market leading uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows Bedford

The profile ranges for Liniar tilt & turn windows are the same as those of our casement window options but witht he added benefit of 2 opening motions. You can let in fresh air while maintaining security with the Liniar tilt and turn window.

Excellent opportunities for internal cleaning (in the turn position) and safe ventilation are provided by the open design (in the tilt position).

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Tilt & Turn Windows

With our unique, multi-chambered uPVC profile, you’ll be able to bring a window design that captures A+ standards of thermal efficiency. It’s never been easier to remain comfortable in your home.

A+ energy rated
British made
Thermally efficient
Cost effective
Extensive colour range
Environmentally friendly
Multi chambered profile
u-value as low as 0.8
Love Liniar
Liniar product graphic showcasing casement windows Northampton range

Thermal Performance from Liniar

Why choose Tilt & Turn windows from Pinnacle Windows? As a premier trade supplier for uPVC Windows & Doors to installation companies across the UK, we understand the importance of quality, efficiency, and timely service. Our Tilt & Turn windows deliver an excellent A+ energy efficiency rating, providing significant thermal advantages compared to traditional timber windows.

These innovative windows are available in a sculptured profile with 28mm double or triple glazing, internally beaded, and offer an assortment of opening arrangements, colours, finishes, hardware, and glazing options. The standout feature is the dual functionality – they can swing in like a door or tilt from the top to offer ventilation, granting your clients unparalleled control and flexibility. Furthermore, we provide a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind and a fast 2-week lead time for delivery.

Opt for Tilt & Turn windows to equip your clients with the perfect blend of utility, style, and dependable performance.

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